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Review: The Witches of Lychford by Paul Cornell

I got really lucky at WorldCon this year. The r/Fantasy Subreddit had a drinks with authors event and as part of that event, they were giving away a ton of books. As it turns out, not only did I win, but I had a chance to get a hold of an ARC (advanced reading copy) of Paul Cornell's The Witches of Lychford, his new novella that was just published by Tor.com. 

Unfortunately, due to my schedule, I'm behind in posting a review (had hoped to get it out prior to the release of the book) but better late than never!

Witches of Lychford
By Paul Cornell

Lychford is a fast, fascinating romp through smalltown Britain. A supermarket is being built for the first time, and only half the town wants it. This is particularly terrifying because building the store will tear the boundaries between our world and the magical worlds beyond. The local cook (who also happens to be a witch), the reverend, and her old friend from high school have to team up to save the day.

I read Lychford in a single sitting on a plane and I greatly enjoyed it. I was sad when it was over. One of my main complaints about Cornell's other writing (I read his book London Falling earlier in the year) is that it sometimes takes him awhile to get to the action. That is NOT the case here. Lychford though is non-nonsense, charming characters that jump off the page and pull you into the adventure with them. 

I highly recommend checking out the novella! Here it is on Goodreads.

Review: Flicker by Kaye Thornbrugh

There’s still a fascinating story that Kaye Thornbrugh has woven through the familiar to make this a very unique journey.

Let’s be honest. There’s lots of fairy stories out there. If you’ve read them, if you’ve read urban fantasy like The Dresden Files or the Iron Druid Chronicles, there will be lots in Flicker that will seem familiar to you. But! There’s still a fascinating story that Kaye Thornbrugh has woven through the familiar to make this a very unique journey.

Lee, a high school student, goes missing at a party. She wandered into another world, a world filled with fairies. Years later, she is rescued by Nasser, a Seer, who brings her back to her world. Flicker is about Lee’s return to our world, a world she now realizes is filled with magic. Magic that her new friends Nasser and Filo can use, and perhaps she can as well.

Flicker is urban fantasy, but it isn’t jam packed with action like some. It’s a very character driven story. In fact, one of the only criticisms of the novel I have is that there is a lot of jumping between characters in the beginning. By the end of the novel, you know the characters well enough that this isn’t bothersome, but it does take a bit to get acclimated to each different character’s voice.

Flicker (Flicker #1)
By Kaye Thornbrugh

Flicker has some romantic plot points, but it isn’t a paranormal romance. Instead, it’s very much a coming of age story of friends, magic, and discovery.

I had a chance to meet Thornbrugh at WorldCon in Spokane this year, and I knew right away that Flicker was something I wanted to read. I’m excited to check out Brightly, the sequel.

If all of this hasn’t swayed you, the Kindle edition of Flicker is free on Amazon. (Would still recommend it if it wasn’t!) But hey, you should check it out. It's a fun read.

Check out Flicker on Goodreads!