Review Alameda’s Awakening by Tara Pegasus

Alameda’s Awakening is a coming of age story filled with complex relationships that push Alameda (Ada) to her breaking point. Set in the 1950’s in a meat packing town, the story follows Ada as she prepares for life outside of her parents’ home. The daughter of a protestant minister, she has long considered converting and becoming a Catholic nun. Now that the time is upon her however, Ada begins having second thoughts, unsure if that is the life she wants to live. Romance, tragedy, and her family influence Ada as she must navigate the increasingly treacherous waters of her life. Author Tara Pegasus paints a darkly beautiful portrait in her newest novel as she explores this historic setting. Brilliantly written, Alameda's Aweakening is a fascinating look into the life of a young women fighting to find her way in the world.

Alameda's Awakening
By Tara Pegasus