Mike Madison is an award winning science fiction and fantasy writer. He won the 2014 Mariner Award from Bewildering Stories for his short story, Distinction in the Darkness.

At his day job, he’s a web developer with several scientific publications in journals and conference proceedings. His passion though is for writing and he recently completed his second novel. When he isn’t writing (or coding) he is often running or spending time with his dogs. Madison and his wife live in the Pacific Northwest. His website is mikemadison.net and he is on twitter @mikemadison.

Professionally, Mike is a Drupal and PHP developer with nearly a decade of experience in web and user experience design/development, he brings a unique perspective to each project. His interests include Semantic Technologies, Social Media, and Agile development methodologies. Mike contributes to the Drupal community and is a firm believer in the Open Source movement.

Previously Mike was a Freelance web developer serving clients around the US and abroad. His experience includes both Wordpress and Semantic MediaWiki development as well as PHP and jQuery.

Mike graduated from Indiana University in 2007 with a Masters of Science in Human Computer Interaction Design and in 2005 with a Bachelor of Arts in English with a strong focus in creative writing.